Structured Cabling – the design and installation of copper cabling to suit any computer or voice requirements large or small.  We are Certified Installers for Molex Premise Networks and can offer their 25 year Application and Product Warranties.

Fibre Optics – the design and the provision of single mode and multimode fibre optic installations including all terminations and testing.

Wireless LAN supply and installation including all bracketry and masts – we can supply customer specific products or recommend equipment to suit the application, providing building to building, building to user and user to user solutions. This is ideal for people mobile within (or even outside) the office.

Cabinets – we can provide cabinets and racks whether wall or floor standing from all the major manufacturers to suit any requirements including all accessories, fan trays, shelves, power bars etc.  We can also source budget units if the need arises.

Site Surveys – we can attend site surveys independently or with a member of your organisation, either as Rystan or under your name to maintain continuity with a client, with all correspondence coming from your office if required and a full design service with CAD facility.

We can provide.

Booted and unbooted patch cords, various colours and sizes.

Velcro cable ties.

Telephone line adapters of any type.

Telephone hand and head sets.

The installation of floor boxes, wall and floor trunking, dado trunking, power poles, conduit and catenary wire.

Coax cable, TV, thin net or client specific multicores.

Other multicore cable installation, i.e. RS232 or X21.

All of the above are very competitively priced.